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To add to the list of good Korean movies:
 Under "Tearjerkers":
The Classic (클래식) -- a love story but with a really interesting backdrop of
1970s-80s S. Korea
A Family (가족) -- a daughter's involvement w/ the mafia affects the entire
My Brother (우리 형) -- setting in gyeongsang-do; interesting take on Confucian
familial relationships in a dysfunctional family
Failan (파이란) -- the short life of a Chinese female migrant worker in Korea;
the female lead is actually a Chinese actress
 When I Was Nine (아홉살인생) is a good movie for showing rural and very poor
children (in gyeongsang-do), it could go under tearjerkers or drama.
  Also, Korean romantic comedies are pretty well-done, and although the plot
formula can be pretty repetitive, they're good and often show some
interesting aspects of "typical" Korean culture...
some good romantic comedies:
My Little Bride (어린 신부) -- because of a grandfather's "dying" wish, a
15-year-old high school girl has to marry a college-age family friend
100 Days with Mr. Arrogant (내 사랑 싸가지) -- silly high school movie; a senior
high school girl kicks a can into a rich, spoiled college boy's car and has
to become his slave for 100 days...
Jenny, Juno (제니, 주노) -- same director as "My Little Bride"; criticized as
trivializing and romanticizing teenage pregnancy-but also one of the first
Korean movies that even talks about the topic
Please Teach Me English (영어완전정복) -- with the current obsession with learning
English as a backdrop, two people meet at an English hagwon
Innocent Steps (댄서의 순정) -- Moon Geung Young, the actress from My Little
Bride, stars in this as a Chinese-Korean illegal immigrant who
 A really interesting comedy/drama movie is Super Family (간큰가족), which has
been compared to the German movie "Goodbye, Lenin"... the family has to
pretend that Korea's been reunified because of the wishes of their dying
 Also, not to miss is Marathon (말아톤)....based on the true story of an
autistic marathon runner/triathlete...
 Some other helpful links:

 On 10/26/05, Cedar Bough Saeji <umyang at gmail.com> wrote:
> Wow, that sounds fun!
>  I think picking categories of Korean film and a representative film from
> each could be good. I have only a watchers perspective on this, and
> don't/haven't watch(ed) older movies, but could I suggest that essential
> movies or categories could be the following. I am sure you'll get a lot of
> advice from different people and there will be common themes emerging sooner
> or later.
>  1. Banchikwang / The Quiet Family (*comedy but sort of sad*)
> 2. Turning Gate / O! Sujung) (*aimless* and weird sex related movies)
> 3. Yellow Hair / Old Boy / No Sympathy for Mr Vengeance (*shockingly
> violent*)
> 4. My Wife is a Gangster/ Guns and Talks (*comedy-mafia* movie)
> 5. Swiri/JSA (*relations with DPRK*)
> 6. ---- (*horror movie*, but I haven't watched enough to choose one, but
> it should be a female ghost movie)
> 7. Chunhyang / Chihwaseon / Musa (*historical* drama )
> 8. The Way Home (cause I can't think of any others to show traditional
> farming life)
> 9. ----- (*tear-jerker* where someone dies or darn close anyway... maybe a
> dying of Leukemia one...since I hate these films, I can't recommend one)
>  This leaves out some famous films including 'Oasis' which is my all-time
> favorite Korean movie, the high school/early college waste of time flicks
> that keep pouring out, Koreans certainly loved 'Taegukgi', and also the cold
> war films like 'Shilmido' but I really have to go back to writing a paper on
> FDI vs. Loans in the history of Korean/Chinese Economic Development.
>  Have fun planning such an interesting class! I'm sure it'll be a big hit.
>  Cedar

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