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The following is a list of extremely powerful films that were made in Korea over the last ten years or so.  They all deal with rather heavy, political, historical or taboo topics. But what is interesting, is that they all (especially the first five films) experiment with form in one way or another. Despite this departure from classic Hollywood format, they all performed fairly well at box offices. Having said this, some Korean people I have met, told me that these films are not representative of  Korean movies, and give a "negative" impression of the nation. I disagree. 
Lies might be a little raunchy for your students, but if you could include at least the first two and a couple of others, you'll turn a lot of young impressionable minds onto Korean film. 
1. Yi (Lee) Changdong¡¯s Peppermint Candy (Paka satang) (1999),  
2. Yi (Lee) Kwangmo¡¯s Spring in my Hometown (Arumdaum shijol) (1998)
3. Pak (Park) Kwangsu¡¯s A Single Spark (Arumdaum ch¡¯ongnyon Chon Taeil) (1995), 
4. Hong Sangsu¡¯s The Power of Kangwon Province (Kang won doui him) (1998), 
5. Chang Sonu¡¯s Lies (Kochimal) (1999), 

6. Old Boy (2003 Pak Chanuk) 


7. Christmas in August (1998 Ho Jinho) 


8. Memories of a murder (2003 Bong Chunho ) 


 9. To the Starry Island (1993 Park Kwangsu) 


Good luck with the course,

Andrew Jackson.

Wolfson College,

Oxford, UK. 


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