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Matthew Shapiro karimunjawa at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 31 12:08:48 EST 2005


While the subject of Korean cinema is hot on this
listserve, I thought it would be appropriate to
mention two relevant articles in today's (10/31/2005)
Los Angeles Times. Although I am not really following
(or interested) in the discussion about Korean cinema,
I think we can all recognize the importance of
contextualizing the subject matter.

The first article runs in column one on the front page
and discusses the influence of Hollywood, etc. on
North Koreans, among other things.

The second article, on the front page of the Business
section, addresses claims of Korean film industry

Both of these issues undoubtedly have some effect on
what is generated by the Korean film industry. In my
view, though, another important form of Korean media -
Korean television dramas - should also be given
consideration. Consider, for example, the effect of
"Winter Sonata" ("°Ü¿ï ¿¬°¡") on changing perceptions
in Japan. Will the popularity of this soap opera (and
others) among the influential middle-aged, female
cohort in Japan cause Korean-Japanese to be less
protective of their identity when on the job market,
for example?

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Matthew Shapiro
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Political Economy and Public Policy
University of Southern California


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