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Dear List,

There is another matter related to my earlier post on daily life during
Korean War that I would like to ask your help with. Which libraries (in
Korea, the US or maybe in Russia?) might be most useful when looking for
the Korean War related material? I am also interested in the issue of
food rationing and how it was regulated in the period 1945-1953. Where
can I find this kind of sources?


I would also like to react to the post by Bryan Ross earlier this month,
who was asking about missing Korean rice at the end of the Pacific War.
Unfortunately, I do not have an answer to this question. However, if we
consider that shipments of food to Japan steadily diminished during the
last years of the war due to the destruction of commercial fleet, did it
mean that the availability of rice in the colony improved? As the
standard of living of Japanese farmers improved during the 1940s (due to
rationing and consequences of food policies of the wartime government),
they were able to eat more rice than ever before, while urban consumers
were suffering from its shortage. Is it possible that a similar
mechanism occurred in Korea? That the disruption of shipments actually
led to the improvement of rice supply situation in the colony? I have
absolutely no proof for that, this is just a thought...



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