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Thu Sep 29 10:51:37 EDT 2005

Dear Koreanists,

(The following message was previously sent to members of ASCK; my
apologies for the redundancy for members of both groups)

The recent 6-Party talks in Beijing highlight the urgency of the
issue of bringing a lasting peace to the Korean peninsula. While
considerable movement toward reunification and new and important
exchanges are occurring at all levels in North and South Korea,
misinformation on the Korean situation abounds outside the
peninsula. Korea Peace Day, sponsored by the Alliance of Scholars
Concerned About Korea (ASCK), will be held on November 10. It
provides the best opportunity we have as members of the academic
community to make a difference.

The next round of 6-Party talks is currently scheduled for November.
This makes Korea Peace Day particularly timely. Major events for
Peace Day are already planned at a number of institutions,
including Arizona State University, Columbia University, Cornel
University, Lewis and Clark College, the University of Michigan
(Ann Arbor), the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, UCLA,
and the University of Texas at Austin. With Korea Peace Day drawing
near, we would very much like to add institutions to this growing
list. The best way for us to organize this year's event is to add
to our list of Peace Day Coordinators. Once you have decided upon a
Coordinator, please email us as soon as possible at
peaceday at asck.org.

We would also like very much to list events planned at your
institution on the ASCK website so that all ASCK members can share
ideas about how to make Peace Day 2005 an even greater success than
Peace Day 2003. Please let us know as soon as possible whether you
or your colleagues and friends at your institution will be holding
an event and, if so, what kind.

For the Peace Day 2005 statement, as well as suggestions for
activities and how to promote them, please visit:

For a list of Peace Day resources, please see:

If you would like to see a partial list of 2003 events, please go
to: http://www.asck.org/weblog/index.html

The email contact for Peace Day 2005 is peaceday at asck.org.


Charles Armstrong
Associate Professor of Korean History
Columbia University
Steering Committee Chair, The Alliance of Scholars Concerned about

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