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 That said, the dominant flavours are changing.
 I was at Chicago last year (sort of: I had the flu),
 and formed the same impression that I got from
 reading this packed programme of Koreana too.
 Namely: Cultural studies rules! Which is fine. Yet 
 unless memory plays tricks, back in the 1980s AAS 
 Korean sessions used to offer a more balanced menu.
 Isn't it odd, and sad, that in 2006 there are hardly any 
 panels on the mainstream politics or economics of 
 contemporary Korea?

And I say vive la difference!  I remember in the '60's and '70's how hard 
it was to get anything not social sciences a modicum of attention!  And
JAS?!  Should have been JASS (adding Social).  

Balance would, of course, be ideal, but in the good old days most of my
Korea-born colleagues seemed to be either in political science or linguistics.
Literature was Peter Lee and a few of us yang-nom-du'l--history, of course, being the bridging discipline.

Between 1969 & 1975, I taught Korean Cultural History and Traditional East Asian Civilization--a culturally oriented look at China, Korea, and Japan before 1644--at Indiana University.  I think that these were out of step with trends in those days, but would argue now, as I did then, that literature and art give a special insight into history omitted fro the Far Eastern histiographic traditions.  

In my brief stint as an editor for Korean of JAS I pined to see less social sciences and more culture considered for publication.


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