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Conference Announcement and Call for Papers


The British Association for Korean Studies will host its 2006 Conference 
from Wednesday 6 September to Thursday 7 September, 2006 at Halifax Hall 
at the University of Sheffield.


The Theme of the Conference will be:

'Generations in Korea: Past, Present and Future'.


In the last century Korea has undergone several major social, economic 
and political transformations. Born and schooled in a country occupied 
by the Japanese, the average seventy-five-year-old citizen has 
experienced two major wars, the partition of Korea into ideologically 
opposed states, the emergence of democracy, industrialisation, 
urbanisation, and the eventual development of their nation into a major 
economic power. The pace of change within a single lifetime has been 
telescoped to an extraordinary degree in the case of Korea.


The Council of the BAKS seek papers that explore aspects of the 'lived 
lives and experiences' from the individual's point of view: oral 
histories, life cycles, age-cohort challenges, problems of aging, social 
welfare, shifting gender relations, cultural shifts, technological 
innovation, or individuals coping or not coping with the pace of change, 
and even future shock.  Also welcome are papers that address similar 
questions in previous historical periods, comparing Korean circumstances 
to other countries, or examining Korean visions of the future perhaps 
through the lens of commitment to future, unborn generations.


Presentation of a Paper

Students and scholars interested in presenting a paper at the Conference 
should submit a 250- to 500-word abstract to the Conference Organiser, 
Prof. James H. Grayson at j.h.grayson at sheffield.ac.uk no later than 1 
June, 2006.  The Conference Committee will notify selected presenters 
within a fortnight of the submission date. If presenters intend to use 
data projected materials, an attachment should be included along with 
the proposal.


Attendance at the Conference

Anyone interested in attending the Conference should contact Prof. James 
H. Grayson at j.h.grayson at shef.ac.uk for details of the conference and 
procedures for applying to attend.  Applications to attend the 
Conference must be received by the Conference Organiser no later than 
Monday 21 August, 2006.

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