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Tue Apr 4 01:31:26 EDT 2006

Dear colleagues,
  It would be greatly appreciated it you could pass on this announcement to anyone interested.
  Sem Vermeersch
  Keimyung University, located in Daegu, South Korea, is offering a six-week summer academy in Korean Studies. The academy is aimed at undergraduate students who want to make use of the summer vacation to take Korea-related foundation courses. It is open to all majors, and is especially suited to those who want to integrate aspects of Korean Studies into their major studies, or satisfy their personal interest in Korea. A 50% tuition fee reduction is available for Korean Studies students recommended by their department heads.
All the courses offer critical introductions to subjects such as Korean history, 
religions, literature, economy, language, society, and art, and are taught in English by experts in these fields. Students can choose up to three courses, worth nine credits, including one language unit, either Introductory Korean or Advanced Korean. Besides the main academic program, there are also many cultural activities and field trips scheduled. The dates for the academy are July 3 to August 12, 2006. Although the final application deadline is May 31, please try to get applications in as early as possible, so that we can guarantee a place. For more information, including the full course list and application details, see http://www.kisaks.com, or contact kisaks at kmu.ac.kr.

Sem Vermeersch
director, KISAKS

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