[KS] (street) map of Keijo

Todd Henry htodd98 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 6 14:42:40 EDT 2006

Based on a couple years of searching, I have found that maps of Keijo 
(colonial Seoul) are scattered throughout a number of libraries in Japan, 
South Korea, and the US (elsewhere, I presume, as well).  My personal 
collection has benefitted most from the map library at Berkeley as well as 
the holdings at the Insititute for Seoul Studies (Soulhak yonguso) at the 
City University of Seoul.  There are also serveral books containing 
collections of maps [i.e., Soul ui yechido (Old maps of Seoul), published by 
the Institute of Seoul Studies), although many of them date from the 
pre-colonial period.  I hope this helps.

Todd Henry

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>Subject: [KS] (street) map of Keijo
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>Dear Colleagues,
>Here comes another practical question from me (I promise to come up with
>something more conceptual once I get all my facts right...).
>Do you know where I can find a detailed map of Keijo in the 1930s?
>Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
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