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Hyung Pai hyungpai at eastasian.ucsb.edu
Tue Apr 18 13:39:47 EDT 2006

Dear Members,
I have been asked by the newly re-launched International Journal of  
Cultural Properties to make this announcement. If you or anyone you  
know working on this topic want to submit a piece, we would really  
appreciate any  articles on Korea/Japan/China/Asia .
We are looking for more international coverage since most of the  
articles published so far have mostly been on Europe and America.
You can also email me about the submission inquiries.

The International Journal of Cultural Property, published by  
Cambridge University Press, is now accepting submissions on for the  
broad spectrum of views surrounding cultural property, cultural  
heritage, and related issues. It is a vital, international, and  
multidisciplinary forum aiming to develop new ways of dealing with  
cultural property debates, to be a venue for the proposal or  
enumeration of pragmatic policy suggestions, and to be accessible to  
a wide audience of professionals, academics, and lay readers.  
Original research papers, case notes, documents of record,  
chronicles, conference reports, and book reviews on a range of topics  
are welcome.

Contributions are welcome from the wide variety of fields implicated  
in the debates — law, anthropology, public policy, archaeology, art  
history, preservation, ethics, economics, museum-, tourism-, and  
heritage studies — and from a variety of perspectives and interests —  
indigenous, Western, and non-Western; academic, professional and  
amateur; consumers and producers — to promote meaningful discussion  
of the complexities, competing values, and other concerns that form  
the environment within which these disputes exist.  Manuscripts may  
be submitted by email to the Editor at culturalproperty at cambridge.org

Tables of Contents and articles are available via Cambridge Journals  
Online (CJO) at http://journals.cambridge.org

For further information, please see http://journals.cambridge.org/ 

Hyung Il Pai, Editorial Board Member JCP
Associate Professor
East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies,
HSSB Building, University of California, Santa Barbara CA 93106
Fax: 805) 893-3011, Phone: 805) 893-2245
Email: Hyungpai at eastasian.ucsb.edu
Dept. Web-site -http://www.eastasian.ucsb.edu/

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