[KS] North Korea says multiracialism is poison

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Dear colleagues,

The item below appears on KCNA today.

Comment is perhaps superfluous,
but I venture the following:

1. They practise what they preach. See the harrowing account
which begin's Time's Asian edition cover story this week.

2. How does this differ from national socialism?

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Rodong Sinmun Censures Theory of "Multiracial Society"

Pyongyang, April 27 (KCNA) -- A strange farce to hamstring the essential 
characters of the Korean nation and seek for "multiracial society" is now being 
held in south Korea. In this regard Rodong Sinmun today runs a signed 
commentary, which censures the farce as an unpardonable bid to negate the homogeneity of 
the nation, make south Korea multiracial and Americanize it. To deny the 
peculiarity and advantages of the homogeneous nation now that dominationism and 
colonialism are posing a threat to the destiny of weak nations is a treacherous 
act of weakening the spirit of the nation, the commentary says, and goes on: 
The south Korean pro-American traitorous forces advocating the theory of 
"multiracial society" are riffraffs who have not an iota of national soul, to say 
nothing of the elementary understanding of the view on the nation and social and 
historic development. 

    If the homogeneity of the nation is not kept, the nation and the destiny 
of individuals cannot be defended from the U.S. dominationist moves and the 
attempt of the Japanese reactionaries for invasion of Korea, which is revealed 
in their claim to Tok Islet, cannot be checked. 

    The theory of "multiracial society" is a poison and anti-reunification 
logic aimed to emasculate the basic idea in the era of independent 
reunification. The anti-national logic is advocated in south Korea, contrary to the 
aspiration of the fellow countrymen. This is ascribable to the criminal attempt of 
the pro-American elements including the Grand National Party to make the north 
and the south different in lineages, block the June 15 era of reunification and 
seek the permanent division of the nation and the manipulation of the U.S. 
behind the scene. 

    The commentary calls upon the people from all walks of life in south 
Korea to decisively reject the anti-national moves of the sycophantic traitorous 
forces to tarnish the lineage of the Korean nation and obliterate it, bereft of 
the Juche character and national character. 
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