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Dear colleagues,

We have now added four more reviews to the Korean Studies Review 
archives from our backlog with our print partner, Acta Koreana. They 
are (with quick links):

Hesselink, Nathan (ed.), _Contemporary Directions: Korean Folk Music 
Engaging the Twentieth Century and Beyond_, (2001) reviewed by Roald 
H. Maliangkay

James, David E. and Kyung Hyun Kim (eds.), _Im Kwon-Taek: The Making 
of a Korean National Cinema_, (2002) reviewed by Roald H. Maliangkay

Seth, Michael J., _Education Fever: Society, Politics, and the 
Pursuit of Schooling in South Korea_, (2002) reviewed by Ookwhan Oh

Lee, Hyangjin, _Contemporary Korean Cinema: Identity, Culture and 
Politics_, (2001) reviewed by Isolde Standish

Below is also an update of books currently available. Several have 
been taken since my last announcement, but a few more have been added 
to the list. Those who are interested in a book should write me 
directly at <stephen.epstein at vuw.ac.nz>. For more information about 
KSR and to access past reviews, see http://koreaweb.ws/ks/ksr/.

Best, Stephen

Louis Baldovi, ed., _A Foxhole View: Personal Accounts of Hawaii's Korean War
   Veterans_ (Hawaii)

Robert E. Buswell, Jr., ed., _Currents and Countercurrents: Korean 
Influences on the East Asian Buddhist Traditions_ (Hawaii)

Young-Iop Chung, _Korea Under Siege, 1876-1945: Capital Formation and 
Economic Transformation_ (Oxford)

Marion Eggert and Soon Mi Hong-Schunka, tr., _Die Geschichte von Hong 
Kiltong: Ein		Raueberroman aus dem alten Korea_ (Iudicium 

John Feffer, ed., _The Future of US-Korean Relations: The Imbalance 
of Power_ (Routledge)

John Feffer, _North Korea/South Korea: U.S. Policy in a Time of 
Crisis_ (SevenStories)

Valérie Gélézeau, ed., _La Corée en miettes: Régions et territories_ 

Hahn Moo-sook, tr. Young-Key Kim-Renaud, _And So Flows History_ (Hawaii)

J. E. Hoare and Susan Pares, _North Korea in the 21st Century: An 
Interpretative Guide_ (Global Oriental)

Keith Howard (ed.), _Korean Pop Music: Riding the Wave_ (Global Oriental)

Kyung Moon Hwang, _Beyond Birth: Social Status in the Emergence of 
Modern Korea_ (Harvard)

Ian Jeffries, _North Korea: A Guide to Economic and Political 
Developments_ (Routledge)

Young Whan Kihl, _Transforming Korean Politics: Democracy, Reform and 
Culture_ (M. E. Sharpe)

Ilpyong J. Kim, _Historical Dictionary of North Korea_ (Scarecrow)

Jackie Kim, _Hidden Treasures: Lives of First Generation Korean Women 
in Japan_ (Rowman & Littlefield)

Joong-Seop Kim,  _The Korean Paekjong Under Japanese Rule: The Quest 
for Equality and Human Rights_ (Routledge)

Kim Young-moo, tr. Brother Anthony and Jongsook Lee, _Virtual Reality_ (DapGae)

Kim Kwang-kyu,  tr. Brother Anthony and Kim Young-moo, _The Depths of 
A Clam_ (White Pine Press)

Young-Key Kim-Renaud, _Creative Women of Korea: The Fifteenth Through 
the Twentieth Centuries_ (M.E. Sharpe)

Ko Un, tr. Brother Anthony and Kim Young-moo, _Little Pilgrim_ (Parallax Press)

Ko Un, tr. Brother Anthony, Kim Young-moo and Gary G. Gach, _Ten 
Thousand Lives_ (Green Integer)

Ku Sang, tr. Brother Anthony, _Even the Knots on Quince Trees Tell 
Tales_ (DapGae)

Ku Sang, tr. Brother Anthony, _Eternity Today_ (Seoul Selection)

Andrei Lankov, _Crisis in North Korea: The Failure of 
De-Stalinization 1956_ (Hawaii)

Ann Sung-Hi Lee, _Yi Kwang-Su and Modern Korean Literature: Mujông_ 
(Cornell East Asia Series)

Lee Ho-Chol, tr. Andrew Killick and Sukyeon Cho, _Southerners, 
Northerners_ (EastBridge)

Lee Ho-Chol, tr. Theodore Hughes, _Panmunjom and Other Stories_ (EastBridge)

David Prendergast, _From Elder to Ancestor: Old Age, Death and 
Inheritance in Modern Korea_ (Global Oriental)

Sonia Ryang, ed., _Koreans in Japan: Critical Voices from the Margin_ 

Gi-Wook Shin, _Ethnic Nationalism in Korea: Genealogy, Politics, and 
Legacy_ (Stanford)

Ho-min Sohn, ed., _Korean Language in Culture and Society_ (Hawaii)

David I. Steinberg, ed., _Korean Attitudes toward the United States: 
Changing Dynamics_ (M. E. Sharpe)

Balazs Szalontai, _Kim Il Sung in the Khruschev Era_ (Stanford)

Yang Gui-ja, _Contradictions_, tr. Stephen Epstein and Kim Mi-Young 
(Cornell East Asia Series)

Yi Nam-ho, U Ch'angje, Yi Kwangho, and  Kim Mi Hyun, tr. Ryu Youngju, 
_Twentieth-Century Korean Literature_ (EastBridge)

Judith Van Zile, _Perspectives on Korean Dance_ (Wesleyan)


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