[KS] Choson currency?

Jong-Won Kim kimgoyret at yahoo.es
Mon Aug 14 12:12:03 EDT 2006

Greeting everyone,

I am looking for information regarding the currency
system used in early Choson (up to and including the
Imjin War's aftermath). 

It is my understanding that copper coins (tongbo) were
used along with debt notes and silver bars, but my
knowledge is lacking in this area. I would appreciate
any help.

Was the use of currency limited?
What other coins & currency forms were used? What was
their name?
Was paper currency used? 
What was their comparative value?
Where Ming coins accepted in Choson, or did merchants
have to convert them to local currency? 
What was the exchange rate between Choson and Ming

Thank you for your time,
Jong-Won Kim
Montevideo, Uruguay

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