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Dear Korea Studies List Members,
  As I read of your memories and reflections I too feel moved to write a short note.  I first heard of Dr. James Palais when I joined this list several years ago.  After researching the universities that offered an MA in Korea Studies, I chose the University of Washington-Seattle in order to have the opportunity to learn from him.   I am honored to have been in the last set of  classes Dr. Palais taught without missing a day on Korean History at the University of Washington.   I was continuously amazed at  how much energy Dr. Palais had for teaching.  Dr. Palais never missed a class and he taught it 5 days a week!   He continued to study and write throughout that year and several quarters after that.
   My first impressions of Dr. Palais stemmed from our meeting at orientation in Fall 2002.  When introduced he looked at me and stated ‘I REMEMBER you!  You are the biologist!  I’ve been wondering about you.’  We proceeded to talk for a few minutes about my background in the sciences and how his parents had wanted him to be a doctor and that he started out that way too.  He smiled his somewhat mischievous smile as he whispered “ this was a better choice.”  His dedication and passion for the subject was unending.  I was ever  impressed, although nearly driven mad, by his teaching style.  He insisted on our participation.  No one, no matter how shy or quiet was left alone.  Everyone had to participate in his class.  I truely appreciated how he insisted that we all (if we had done our homework) had something important to add to the discussion.
   I’ve never experienced a class like it, and will be greatly impressed if I do in the future.  In Summer 2003 I was asked to speak at a UW Korean studies fundraiser, it was here that I examined the importance of the Korean Studies program and explained that I had thought I had dealt with the ‘hard’ sciences, having had classes in genetics, microbiology, and organic chemistry.  How wrong I was, I explained.  I had never had a class with Dr. James Palais.  Dr. Palais was in the audience that evening I remember his penetrating look and then his smile.  
  Here is to all of us who are dedicated and know that if we continue to work hard enough we will make a difference.  Here is to you Dr. Palais!  
  Tracy Stober
  MA International Studies-Korea Studies 
  University of Washington-Seattle

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