[KS] currency exchange rate in the early 1980s

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The St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank has continuously updated daily exchange
rate information (spreadsheets/text files) beginning from April 1981 at: 


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the rate as of July 1st, 1982, was 770 won per USD according to the Korea 
Annual 1983 (the rates for the following years should be found in the other 
yearbooks, which I don't have with me right now). I also found the KRW-USD 
forex rates starting 1986 in the 1997 T'onggye Yòn'gam: 1986: 861.4, 1987: 
792.3, 1988: 684.1, 1989: 679.6

Hope this helps,


At 16:11 10.08.2005 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear List:
>Would anyone know the exchange rate of dollar to won in the early
>1980s, around 1983, 1984?
>Many thanks in advance for your help ,

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