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Dear Naomi and All,

Indeed, on 2 July 2004 the DPRK had the Koguryo murals discovered around
Pyongyang and Namp'o inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. This move is
expected to benefit the North Korea in many ways. A country that receives
little international attention except for engineered famine and its crying
abuse of human rights, its activities in nuclear weapons and missiles
development has got a chance to emphasize that Koguryo was part of the
history of Korean people.

However, the DPRK was not only interested in preserving its cultural
heritage. By having Koguryo mural tombs internationally recognized, North
Korea also plans to establish its hegemony in the process of national
unification and even to secure itself from possible preventive strikes. Even
in a case of military dispute, a place once registered as a World Heritage
Site is not permitted to be attacked under international law...

More on the political economy of the Koguryo issue (as it is seen in
contemporary Korea, China, and Japan) see <
http://north-korea.boom.ru/koguryo.htm >

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On 15/12/06, naomi <lowenmaulchen at hotmail.com> wrote:
>  Dear List Members,
> My dissertation is focused on the political economy of Koguryo and
> includes the role of China and UNESCO. Any insight on locating North Korean
> sources of information available in either English or Chinese would be
> highly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Naomi
> Naomi Hellmann
> Development Studies
> Brown University
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