[KS] KPM: New Tokyo-based resource for DPRK periodicals

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Fri Feb 3 07:28:47 EST 2006

Dear colleagues,

The below from KCNA today caught my eye.

This looks to be a more convenient way to access 
a wider range of North Korean periodicals 
than any known to me hitherto. (They evidently 
want paying, so let's hope prices are reasonable.)

Unfortunately KCNA neglected to give the URL, or any
other contact details. A desultory Google brought no joy.
There seems to be no mention at www.kcna.co.jp
- although this is surely from the same stable.

So please could some kind soul tell us where to find KPM?

Happy new dog to one and all!


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KPM Inaugurated in Japan

Tokyo, February 2 (KNS-KCNA) -- The Korean Media Co., Ltd, located in Tokyo 
inaugurated the Korean Press Media (KPM) and started its operation from January 
15 through its Internet network. The KPM comprises such daily newspapers as 
Rodong Sinmun and Minju Joson, News of Pyongyang Bureau of Choson Sinbo, weekly 
newspapers Thongil Sinbo, Literature and Pyongyang Times (English), such 
periodicals as monthly magazine Chollima, Korean Literature, Korean Arts, Youth 
Literature and Juvenile Literature, quarterly newspapers Gazette of Kim Il Sung 
University (philosophy, economics, history, law and linguistics), Science of 
History, Study of Economy, Study of Political Law, Study of Philosophy, Korean 
Linguistics, National Cultural Heritage and Study of Cultured Korean Language. 

The KPM attracts attention of foreign mass media and public as it edits news 
items in such a way as to enable their subscribers to read them quickly with 
interest as required by the IT age, while protecting the property rights of the 
media of the DPRK. 

The KPM has a plan to provide its services to all parts of the world on a 
payment condition. It will sign contracts with foreign media and research 
institutions and increase its dispatch of information so as to ensure a speedy and 
accurate introduction of the true picture of the DPRK making a dynamic advance 
towards a great prosperous powerful nation and the reunification of Korea.

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