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Dear Hana: 

Off hand, an older, but wonderful source on Colonial periodicals that includes author names (remember many are psudonymious) and tables of contents for most magazines and journal published between 1910-1945 IS:  
Kim Kŭn-su,  Ilche ch’iha ǒllon ch’ulp’an ǔi silt’ae (The Korean press under Japanese rule).  Published in Seoul 1974 by the Han’gukhak yǒnguso (Chungang University).

Mike Robinson 

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  Dear list members,
  We have a graduate student who is looking for 1) mudang recorded in Japanese colonial surveys/census and 2) an index that shows who the writers/editors were for newspapers/journals during the colonial period.
  If you think you know any title or source, please let me know.  I'd be very much appreciated.  

  Hana Kim 
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