[KS] Western Equivalents to Korean Area sizes

Roland Wilson roland_wilson at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 24 21:48:16 EST 2006

Hello Group,

As you all well know, there are so many different terms for the size of 
areas in Korean, and each term, except for city and province seems to be 
called something a bit different depending on the reference.  Would anyone 
know a good reference for these (top down in size, in order I hope)?
µµ Do-Province
±º Kun-?
±¸ Ku-?
±¸¿ª Kuyok-?

½Ã Si-City (within city-Dong, district? or neighborhood?)
±º Kun-?
µµ Do-?
À¾ Eup-?
¸é Myeon-?
ÀÌ Ri/Ni-?

Ư±¸ Tukgu-Special Districts?  (not a common)
Ư½Ã Tuksi-Special City? (Also not common)
Á÷½Ã Giksi-Directly controlled city
Á÷È° Gikhwal-?

Did I miss any?  Many of the books I read want to classify Ku and Kun both 
as districts, but I do not think that this is correct, since I think Kuyok 
may be district.  Also, there are size differences between Eup, Myeon and 
Ri/Ni, but yet a lot of books put them in together and some call the 
countries, yet this may not be correct neither.

Thank you.


Roland Wilson

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