[KS] Claire Lilenthal Alternative School

Peter Schroepfer schroepfer at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 16:59:19 EST 2006


The Claire Lilenthal Alternative (elementary) School in San Francisco
is said to offer a "Korean Two-Way Immersion Program."


It is the only elementary school I know of in North America or Europe
that teaches Korean any Korean at all at that level, but I have to
believe that if there is one in San Francisco there has to be one in
Los Angeles, for example.

Does anyone on The List know anything about this school specifically,
or perhaps about Korean language education at the elementary school
level outside China, the Koreas, those run by Chosen Soren in Japan,

When I ask people long involved in the Korean community in San
Francisco what they know about it my question is the first they've
heard of it, so it makes you wonder. I suspect they're doing a good
job but hope there might be more about the program that is available
in some official format. Perhaps it has been discussed at conferences
attended by you Korean language lecturers out there.

"Unofficial" commentary sent offline as appropriate would also be
appreciated... :-)


Peter Schroepfer.

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