[KS] how many more missle tests?

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Wed Jul 5 12:50:29 EDT 2006

Dear Members,
  The recent missle testing going on in North Korea has raised several questions.  Do you think this is mere brinkmanship?  Yesterday, 6 missles were tested, most of which are thought to have fallen in the Sea of Japan, this morning a 7th was tested.  Where is North Korea headed with this ?  How does this conicide with the recent developments of incouraging tourism?  
  Any ideas?
  Tracy Stober
  MA International Relations-Korea

Jim Hoare <jim at jhoare10.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:
  Oh dear. Clearly nobody read - or perhaps understood what I wrote!

A couple of points. It is not because Waterloo was a long time ago that we 
do not take note of its dead. As I said, until late in the nineteenth 
century - I suggested the American Civil War marks a turning point - there 
seems to have been no practise of honouring the war dead as has been the 
custom since World War I in Europe. You will come across individual and 
sometimes regimental monuments in churches for wars such as the Crimean War, 
the Austro-Prussian War etc- mainly but not exclusively for officers but 
nothing anywhere like the graveyards of Belgium and northern France. The 
North Koreans too have war memorials but they are not in graveyards.

I also pointed out that ordinary graves have not all disappeared in North 
Korea - I have photos to prove it. And even in China, they are coming back. 
Look out of the train windows between Shenyang and Beijing and you will see 
them now where you did not see them twenty years ago, and the trend is even 
more common in south China.

I would still maintain that part of the problem in North Korea is that there 
was so much devastation that even where burial places were established, they 
were often destroyed. Also, the dead were buried where they fell and there 
was probably little attempt to map such places. In other words, while there 
may well be other factors at work, there are also real practical reasons why 
wartime graves have not, or only rarely, survived.

Jim Hoare 

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