[KS] Korea and Her Neighbours

Thomas Duvernay bluelake at handong.edu
Mon Jul 10 04:54:58 EDT 2006

Here is the next entry from my Korean history class: Korea and Her Neighbours, by Isabella Bird Bishop.  Again, it is a text that was published at such an early date (1905) that it fell into the public domain.  It is a hard book to get hold of, so I hope this helps many.

This file is text-only; I will have the pictures and drawings scanned sometime later and put up as an additional file.

Again, as with American Cruiser in the East, I have not had a chance to completely proof-read the file.  The chapters may have variations, as it was different students inputting the text.  However, you may see some strange spelling, especially in regards to city names--in most cases, it was due to Mrs. Bishop's romanization method, not typos (although there are likely many of them, too).


Thomas Duvernay

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