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Dear List members, 


During my last visit to Pyongyang in May 2006, I requested whether I
could visit the brick-tombs discovered in around Nangnang earthen wall
(Nangnang To' sung) areas in the 90s. I was therefore able to visit two
brick- tombs (earthen mound brick-chambered tomb) dated of Nangnang
period. The Tomb No. 1 was in particular impressive by its scale, finely
decorated bricks and the beautiful double-arched entrance. In addition,
the tombs (at least those we visited) were preserved in a quite good


Scholars in the DPRK say that these tombs are proto-type of the Koguryo
tombs, and the area of Nangnang in and around Pyongyang was actually the
territory of the Nangnang State which succeeded KoChosun, and not of the
Chinese Han Commendery. 


Does any of you there knows about this newly established history on
Nangnang in the DPRK? Since when the Nangnang  began to be considered as
one of the states succeeding Ko Chosun?   What about the brick-tombs?
Are they identical to the Han dynasty's brick-tombs found in China?  I
would be grateful if one of you could guide me to the resource material
related to these brick-tombs, or at least provide me with some


Thanking in advance for your kind and precious guidance, 


Best regards

Han Junhi 


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