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ICKS would like to invite graduate students and future scholars in the
fields of Korean and Asian Studies to the 2nd International Forum on Korean
Studies held at Korea University on July 6-7th ( the program as well as the
list of speakers can be found at http://icks.korea.ac.kr
<http://icks.korea.ac.kr/> ) and the Graduate Student Forum to be held on
July 8th.


The invited graduate student participants will have the opportunity to
attend all the sessions of the ICKS conference, the luncheons during the
days of the conference as well as the lawn party dinner hosted by the
President of Korea University at the Institute of Korean Culture on the
final day of the main conference. This will be a great opportunity for
students to interact with eminent scholars in Korea and Asian Studies from
across the globe and would be the perfect opportunity to form a network with
other graduate students.


On the day after the ICKS conference, there will be a Graduate Student Forum
open to the public, which will allow the participants to share their views
on the theme of "East Asian Culture and Identity" as it relates to the
papers and topics discussed during the ICKS conference. 


Session 1 will deal with Yoshitaka Mori's "Winter Sonata and Cultural
Practices of Active Fans in Japan: Considering Middle-Aged Womena as
Cultural Agents," Naoki Sakai's "Civilisational Difference and the West,"
and Robert Neville's "Local Cultures in a Global Society: Nationalism and


Session 2 will deal with the concept of situating Korean and Asian Studies
in a global and especially multi-disciplinary context, concentrating on the
ideas and points put forth in the keynote address and also in the general
session of the ICKS conference. 


Invited participants are encouraged (but not required) to post in one or
more of the sessions. Accommodations will be provided for the duration of
the ICKS conference as well as for the Graduate Student Forum for those who
do not have lodging in Seoul. A limited travel grant is available for those
traveling from outside Korea. 


This will be a perfect opportunity for graduate students, especially those
who are already in Korea, to meet scholars and peers in the fields of Korean
and Asian Studies.


Interested students should contact

Albert Kang at snowchi3 at yahoo.com or

Jongsoo Kim at smallis at korea.ac.kr



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