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Michael Robinson robime at indiana.edu
Wed Jun 14 13:29:31 EDT 2006

Dear List: 

Some of you out there in Korea Discussion List land might be able to help.  I'm in the last stages of finishing a book on twentieth century Korea...a short history.  I'm allowed about 20-25 photos, and have a handle on the bulk of images I will use.  What I am asking for help on is knowledge where to inquire about getting photos for:  North Korea. I know much more is out there than in the past, but are there any collections or central sources that might be inteested in providing rights? I would like to also use some images of early Korean feminists or leaders in the women's movement.  There are photos of the more moderate leadrship out there, but what of Na Hyesoek or Kim Weonju?   or Front pieces of Sin Yoja  or Yojagye?  The other areas I'm interested in are the 3.1 movement (trying to find something fresh) and perhaps a new image for Tonghak Rebellion/Rebels, etc).  

Any ideas on the general or specifics of this would be greatly appreciated.  If you do not want to bother the list with this, please contact me at robime at indianal.edu. 

thanking you all in advance.....Mike R. 
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