[KS] Conference announcement

Stephen Epstein Stephen.Epstein at vuw.ac.nz
Mon Jun 26 19:01:31 EDT 2006

Dear all,

While not strictly Korean Studies, the below conference should be of interest to many members of the list.

Cheers, Stephen

Trans-Asian Screen Culture Conference
Organized by Trans: Asia Screen Culture Institute
in alliance with Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society
Date : October 9-11, 2006
Conference venue :  Seoul Art Cinema, Seoul, Korea

        This conference is an endeavor to create a platform for the
discussion of the national cinemas of East Asia as well as the trans-Asian
screen cultural flows through East Asia and South East Asia.  The
increasingly dynamic and inclusive tendencies in trans-Asian film cultural
dissemination and exchange calls for collaborative work across both
linguistic/national as well as disciplinary boundaries. The three day event
is composed of two parts: one day devoted to the screening of two key films;
two days of panel presentations and discussions. The topics open for
examination are not limited to the cinema but include many other new
"screen" technologies and their attendant communities: Web/Internet arts;
television drama; public-space screen presentations; video installations;
DMB, etc.  We especially encourage the participation of new scholars
interested in this emerging inter-discipline of tran-Asian screen culture.
We envision this conference as a means to bring together researchers from
within and outside specific Asia-area studies to engage in dynamic
conversation.  The conference site is the Seoul Art Cinema, the most revered
  and exciting center of  cinephile culture in Seoul.

        Please send proposals for individual papers and/or full panels no
later that July 15, 2006 to: Kim Soyoung (Professor of Cinema Studies,
Korean National University of the Arts, soha8 at knua.ac.kr) and Earl Jackson,
Jr, (Visiting Professor of Cinema Studies, Korean National University of the
Arts ejackson at ucsc.edu). The full details will be available on Inter-Asia
Cultural Studies Society website soon (www.inter-asia.net).

        Participants are urged to secure funding from their home
institutions, however, we will have limited funding to provide
accommodations for selected participants subsidized by Korean National Univ.
of Arts School of Film and Multimedia. Everyone is also encouraged to attend
the Eleventh  Pusan International Film Festival which begins shortly after
the conclusion of the conference.  Invited guests of the conference will be
provided Guest Passes for the Festival with the support of the festival.

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