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This is drudged up from fading memory, not from reference books.  I was a Fulbright Scholar in Seoul in 1967.  At that time, the US Forces in Korea (USFK), I was told, provided "filled milk" rather than fresh dairy milk to USFK consumers.  This was a reconstituted milk made from powdered milk, water, and an added fat to simulate milk fat.  

I was told that the wells used for this were Japanese-era deep artisian wells which provided fresh, safe, potable water.  These wells were supposedly deep enough that contaminants such as bacteria from partially composted human wastes used as fertilizer were filtered out.  I don't know where thse wells were, but they were supposedly Japanese-drilled.  

I hope that this information may be of use to you. 

In those days, we always had a very large kettle in which we boiled water for drinking daily.

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