[KS] Jurisdiction of the Imperial Army and Kwangtung army

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Click this link for info on Colonels Bonesteel's and Rusk's decision in re 38th parallel and the decision which enabled the Soviets, after only two weeks in the Pacific War in WWII, to accept the surrender of Imperial foces north of the parallel on the Korean peninsula.

Doc Rock

Dane Alston <dane.alston at anu.edu.au> wrote: Dear Korean Studies list members,

A friend of colleague has sent through a question regarding the 
jurisdiction of the Imperial Army and Kwangtung army in Korea. I was 
wondering if any list members might be able to shed some light on this?

the war divided the occupation of Korea at the 38th Parallel no 
less, with the Imperial Army in charge of the south and the Kwantung 
Army having jurisdiction over the north. Is this correct, and if so does 
it raise any questions about the people who later divided it?>

Thank you,

Dane Alston

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