[KS] trips to DPRK this summer and fall

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Mon Jun 19 22:25:14 EDT 2006

Dear Tracy and All,

This year, the Arirang Festival (Mass Games) in Pyongyang will indeed open
DPRK borders to an unprecedented level. Until 2005, US-passport holders
were not allowed to visit North Korea on tourist visas (unless attending
special events or invited by a government organization).

Last September-October, American tourists were allowed to visit North
Korea for a maximum of three days. It was a major change in the policy.
Even American journalists managed to visit the country during the
Festival. Read the story on

This year, the sojourn for American citizens can be one week (and probably
longer if requested) and their travel to/from NK by train is also allowed.
However, the regulation for visiting journalists has been significantly
tightened this year. Professional journalists must apply for a special
"media visa" to join the tour.

Scholars, writers and researchers of all nationalities still can enjoy an
easy entry procedure between 10 August and 10 October 2006. To apply for a
trip in late August, see http://www.ljinfo.boom.ru/IMAG_2006.htm

With very best regards,

Leonid Petrov

Tracy Stober <sayyes2korea at yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear all list members,
According to New Korea Tours, Korean American citizens are being allowed
to visit North Korea 'for the the first time ever'.  Please check out the
website  http://www.newkoreatours.com/
I was wondering if such tours had ever occured at this magnitude before,
and whether or not the United States had limited the travel of its' Korean
American citizens.  I believe American citizens have been allowed to visit
under certain circumstances.

Thank you for your help.  I was also wondering if anyone was interested in
taking part in one of these tours this year.

Tracy Stober
MA International Relations-Korea Studies

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