[KS] Use of term "tomato" to describe core class in DPRK

DeberniereTorrey djtorrey at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 26 12:01:00 EDT 2006

Perhaps you did this already, but you might try
looking up "µµ¸¶µµ". This is how I remember 'tomato'
being pronounced back in the 70s in S. Korea. I assume
this is borrowed from the Japanese pronunciation. 

Deberniere Torrey

--- James Person <jfperson at hotmail.com> wrote:


Dear Korean Studies list

Can anyone confirm that the core class, wavering
class, and enemy class in the DPRK are also referred
to by the nicknames "tomato," "apple," and "grape"? 
If so, knowing North Korea's distaste for foreign
words, does anyone know what the North Korean word for
tomato is?  I could not find "Å丶Åä" in a
Korean-Russian dictionary published in Pyongyang, so I
assume they have come up with a word of their own.    

Many thanks.

James F. Person


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