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The book Robert Hassink recommends is indeed the most up-to-date 
geography of Korea in the English language. My students use it a lot in 
a course on the Geography of Korea they take in preparation for a field 
trip.  But I think that it is too specialized and, with its 524 pages, 
too detailed for an undergraduate course "Introduction to the 
traditional and modern history of Korea". 10 years ago a set of teaching 
materials was published for use in British high schools, but it is also 
useful for undergraduate classes. (I hate to propagate my own writings, 
but I was asked to write a short geographical introduction for it.) The 
bibliographical data: Keith Howard with Susan Pares & Tessa English: 
Korea. People, Country and Culture. London (SOAS) 1996.

Eckart Dege

robert.hassink at sgeo.uio.no schrieb:

>Dear Alon Levkowitz,
>I used this book for my geography course three years ago and found some
>chapters in it useful:
>Kwon, H-J. & Huh, W-K. (eds.) (2000) Korea, the land and people. Seoul:
>With kind regards,
>Robert Hassink
>>Dear Korean scholars.
>>I am looking for a book or articles about the geography of the Korean
>>Peninsula that can be used (for BA students) for the courses that I teach:
>>Introduction to the traditional and modern history of Korea.
>>I would appreciate any recommendation from the group.
>>Sincerely yours
>>Dr. Alon Levkowitz
>>Email: levko at smile.net.il
>>Tel/Fax: 972-3-6133045
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