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Mon May 1 14:32:03 EDT 2006

Dear Alon,

As for an introduction to Korean geography, the book
<Korea. The Land and the People> (published in 2000 by
the Organizing Committee of the International
Geographical Congress, which was held in Seoul that
year) of which the reference was given to you earlier
is very useful as an introduction. But if you use this
book, you may want to keep in mind that it is a
translation in English of a collection of articles
originally written in Korean. For your geographical
introduction, you could also use the very useful
<Atlas of Korea> (Park Young-Han, Lee Ki-Suk & al.
eds) published also in 2000 (IGC!) by Sungji Munhwasa.
Lastly, for the same IGC, the German geographer Eckart
DEGE (Kiel University) wrote “Korea. A Geographical
Introduction” in the IGU (International Geographical
Union) Bulletin of the summer 2000.

In addition to thoses starters, here are a couple of
additionnal references:
- In Korean : KWŎN Hyŏkchae, 1999 and 1996 (2
volumes), <Han’guk chiri> (Korean Geography).
Séoul, Pŏmmunsa ; IM Ducksoon, 1992 et 1998 (2
volumes), <Uri kukt’o chŏnch’e-wa kak chiyŏk>
(Korea: Regional and General Geography). Séoul,
Pŏmmunsa – both can be useful for a general
descriptive overview. 
- In French (assuming you can find these references),
even if you do not read this language, there are some
useful analytical maps in the chapter written by
myself and Alain DELISSEN about the Korean Peninsula
in <Asies Nouvelles>, M. Foucher ed., Paris, Belin,
2003. See also, by Alain Delissen and J.
Pezeu-Massabuau, the section about Korea in the volume
<Chine-Coree-Japon> in the last ‘Geographie
Universelle’ published in France (R. BRUNET ed.,
Belin-Reclus, 1994 for the volume about China-Korea
and Japan).
-Lastly, in your class you will probably mention
earlier geographies of Korea and among them, not only
is the Lautensach monography a basic but, although
published in 1945, this book is still extremely
accurate for Korean physical geography. It has been
translated in English by Katherine and Eckart DEGE,
1988 LAUTENSACH Hermann, <Korea. A Geography Based on
the Author’s Travels and Literature>, Springer

Good luck for your class.
Best regards,

Valérie Gelézeau
Maître de conférences, Marne-la-Vallée University
Visiting Scholar, WEAI, Columbia University

--- Alon Levkowitz <levko at smile.net.il> wrote:

> Dear Korean scholars.
> I am looking for a book or articles about the
> geography of the Korean Peninsula that can be used
> (for BA students) for the courses that I teach:
> Introduction to the traditional and modern history
> of Korea.
> I would appreciate any recommendation from the
> group.
> Sincerely yours
> Alon
> Dr. Alon Levkowitz
> Email: levko at smile.net.il
> Tel/Fax: 972-3-6133045

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