[KS] Post-1965 / normalization, Korean-Japanese technical exchange

John P Dimoia (jdimoia@Princeton.EDU) jdimoia at Princeton.EDU
Thu May 4 09:36:08 EDT 2006


  I wanted to ask if anyone has suggestions regarding any literature (in either Korean, English, or Japanese) re the growth of trade and technical exchange between Japan and the ROK following the normalization of relations in 1965.  This would include the more well-known projects driven by the reparations funds, but also projects undertaken by individual Japanese firms.  

  To be more specific, I'm interested in the shift of Japanese technology to foster Korean light industry, with the bulk of the finished goods ultimately headed back to the US market.  

  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, and I ask as I've found materials re the build-up of colonial industry, but very little on the subsequent resumption of old networks (and creation of new ones) in the mid to  late 1960's.  


  John DiMoia
  Graduate Student / History of Science, (US-ROK)

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