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Dear all,

I just received this. Alas, I am completely ignorant
of this area. Can any car buff on the list help?

(Perhaps contact him directly, or share with the List
according to taste - and the moderators' discretion.)

Happy motoring!

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Subj:   dprk automobiles    
Date:   09/05/2006 15:49:25 GMT Standard Time   
From:   info at chinesecars.net    
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We are compiling a book about the automobile industry of North Korea (cars,
buses, trucks, trolleybuses). During our research, we frequently find your
name as an authority on North Korea.
As far as today, we compiled information, including pictures of these

1958: Sungri 58 truck  (based on GAZ 51)
1970s: Sungri 58 KA truck  (GAZ 51 with new cab)
1970s: Sungri 58 NA truck  (GAZ 51 4x4 with new cab)
1961: Sungri 415 cross country  (GAZ 69 with new front end)
1960: Sungri 1010 truck  (based on Russian or East European truck ?)
1964: Sungri 64 truck, later Jaju 64 truck (KRAZ 256)
1970s: Jaju 82   (KRAZ 256 with new cab)
1968: Kaengsaeng 69  (GAZ 69)
1970s: Kaengsaeng 69 NA (GAZ 69 cargo)
1970: Sungrisan dumper, later Konsor (25 ton)
1979: Kumsusan dumper (40 ton)
1982: Konsor dumper (100 ton)
1990s: Paekdusan  (Mercedes Benz sedan copy)
1990s: Pyongyang 410  (Daewoo LeMans sedan copy)
1970s: Tabaeksan truck
1973: Tujaeng truck
1990s: small truck 2 ton (based on Chinese truck?)
1990s: UAZ 469 copy
1961: Chollima 1/2/9.11 trolleybus
1963: Chollima 9.25 trolleybus
1970: Chollima 70 trolleybus
1972: Chollima 72 trolleybus
1974: Chollima 74 trolleybus
1984: Chollima 84 trolleybus
1987: Chollima 962 articulated trolleybus
1990: Chollima 90/903 articulated trolleybus
1990: Chongnyon trolleybus
1996: Chongnyoncanvi trolleybus
2000s: Chollima, two unknown types
1997: Chollima trolleybus, Ikarus assembly
1986: Jipsam 86 bus
1988: Jipsam 88 bus
1990s: Chollima countryside small buses
1974: Jipsam 74 trolleybus
1986: Jipsam 86 articulated trolleybus
2000s: Chongnyoncanvi (Chongjin)trolleybus
2002: Hwiparam, ckd Fiat Siena
2003: Peokkugi 1, ckd Fiat Doblo
2004: Peokkugi 2, ckd Shuguan SUV 4x2
2004: Peokkugi 3, ckd Shuguan pickup
2005: Peokkugi 4, ckd Shuguan SUV 4x4

We hope you can help us to complete the information, we have a lot of holes,
like: which car was from which factory. Also, we have no photo of the
Pyongyang 410 and the photo of the Paekdusan is very bad. Some of the items
are very poor. Is there any publication inclusive pictures on this subject?
Maybe in a magazine?

Any piece or bit is a step forward.

Many greetings!

Erik van Ingen Schenau
China Motor Vehicle Documentation Centre
2 Rue des Remparts
F 66560 Ortaffa France
tel +33 468 21 49 98
fax +33 468 21 49 98
info at chinesecars.net

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