[KS] North Korea’s economic perspectives and the role of international cooperation

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Tue May 16 07:50:37 EDT 2006

  Dear readers, 
  we cordially invite you to participate in conference - "North Korea’s economic perspectives and the role of international cooperation – aiding a failed state or readying for catching up?"
  Organized by
  Korean American Economic Association (KAEA)
  Graduate School of Public Administration – Seoul National University (GSPA)
  Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea (HSS)
  Hosted by
    Graduate School of Public Administration – Seoul National University


  When?             May 19th, Friday
  Where?             Graduate School of Public Administration, Room 201, Seoul National University
  09.00-09.30        Registration
  09.30- 10.00            Opening ceremony
                          Opening remarks of                 Prof. Lee Dalgon (dean, GSPA)
                                                                          Prof. Kim Suk (president, KAEA)
                                                              Dr. Bernhard Seliger (HSS)
  10:00-12:00   First session
  Moderator: Prof. Choe Sang-Tae (University of South Indiana)   
  Prof. Joachim Ahrens, “Market-Enhancing Governance on the Korean Peninsula: the Role of Credibility and Transitional Institutions”, Private University of Applied Sciences Göttingen (Germany)
  Prof. Semoon Chang, „The Saga of U.S. Economic Sanctions on North Korea”, Univ. of South Alabama (US)
  Prof. Kim Suk, “Reasons for Doing Business with North Korea”, Univ. of Mercy-Detroit (US)
  Discussants:     Dr. Lee Suk (Director, KINU),  Dr. Im Su-whan(Research Institute for International Investigation); Miss Nicole Risse, M.A., Project Manager, EU-Korea Industrial Cooperation Agency (EUKICA) 
  12.00 - 14.00            Lunch break
  14.00-16.30             Second session 
  Moderator: Bernhard Seliger (HSS Korea)
  Prof  Nam Sung-Wook (Korea University), “"Evaluation of North Korean July Economic Reform and Implication from the Perspective of Comparative Socialism” 
  Prof. Choe Sang-Tae (University of South Indiana), “North Korea: A small country with big issues” 
                          Prof. Park Sung-Jo (FU Berlin, Germany), „IT-Cooperation with North Korea“
  Prof. Lee Dalgon (Dean, GSPA, SNU), “ How Large Will be the Birdcage?: Centering on Gaesung Industrial Complex Project”
  Discussants: Prof. Chun In-Young(SNU; Dr. Kang Jong-Il(Institute of Korean Penninsula Neutralization)-discussing the paper of Prof. Park Sung-Jo; Mr. Ralf Sonntag(German Embassy)
  16.30-16.45            Coffee break
  16.45-17.45            Roundtable
  Moderator: Prof. Lee Dalgon (Dean, GSPA, SNU)
                          all paper presenters
  17.45-18.00             Closing session
  Closing remarks (Prof. Kim Suk)
  Looking forward to meet you on Friday. 
  Bernhard Seliger

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