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Asian Festivals: Ch’usŏk
Music and dance from Korea
Thursday 12 October 2006 
Asia House (Nearest tubes: Oxford Circus, Great Portland Street, Bond Street)
Doors 6.30pm. Performance 6.45-7.45pm followed by reception
Ch’usŏk, or Harvest Moon Festival, is Korea’s main annual celebration and takes place on the 15th day of the Eighth Moon according to the lunar calendar. Usually described as a thanksgiving for a good harvest, its origins lie in ancient ancestor worship. Families gather together for the holiday, which causes a mass migration every year.
Asia House will be celebrating this colourful festival with traditional Korean music and dance. Dr. Yeonok Jang will perform a mixture of traditional folk songs and contemporary pieces on the Kayagŭm, a traditional 12 stringed zither. Jieun Jung will play the more unusual 25 stringed version. Sonhee Park, who holds a doctorate in Korean Shamanistic Trance will perform Hwagwanmu (flower clown dance), one of about 50 original court dances handed down to the present day. 
This evening is presented in association with Korean Artists Association in the UK.

Asia House Members & Concessions £4, Non-members £7
Tickets available from Asia House Tel: 020 7307 5454
Asia House, 63 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7LP
enquiries at asiahouse.co.uk www.asiahouse.org
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