[KS] Air conditioning and facial paralysis

David McCann dmccann at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Sep 21 09:25:27 EDT 2006

Another related tidbit, in the Samguk Yusa the story of Ch'ôyong has 
King Hôn'gang going north, south, east, and center, with ceremonies out 
in each direction. Not west though, which I am guessing by subtraction 
is the direction the Yôksin, plague spirit, comes from when it takes 
human form and gets into bed with Ch'ôyong's wife. A ceremony is 
performed, and the evil spirit/wind promises never to return, unless, it 
says, you guys start fooling around with air conditioners, which are 

David McCann

On 9/21/06 1:05 AM, Lauren Deutsch wrote:

>Perhaps related tidbits ...
>I'm reminded that an excess or deficiency of internal Wind in Traditional
>Oriental Medicine is cause for alarm, as is an external pernicious influence
>of Wind. 
>I recently asked a Korean novelist / playright whether there were any unique
>names for winds in Korean. Or whether there is/are any Wind spirit(s) in the
>shamanist pantheon. I was told that Korean's don't invest any credence /
>importance in things they don't "see".

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