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Dear colleagues,
I was hoping to report to the list whatever information I gathered concerning the existing material for teaching "Business Korean" courses after sending my e-mail last February. A few colleagues have kindly sent me their syllabi, but so far I am not aware of any published material. A couple of colleagues have mentioned their manuscripts, some of which might even be out already. Therefore, I am re-sending the message, hoping some of my gentle colleagues will send me their updated information. 
With many thanks,


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Dear Colleagues, 

We at The George Washington University are in the process of developing business language courses in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Russian in cooperation with our Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), as part of the Title VI grant. As the first step I'd like to learn as much as possible from those who have already had experience in teaching a course or courses on business Korean. Here are some questions which I hope some of the LIST members could answer for me: 

* If you are teaching a "Business Korean" course or know someone who does, could you kindly forward to me its syllabus or even just a course description, and let me know in what context this course is being taught? If such a course was previously offered but no longer is, could you give me the reason for its discontinuation? 

* Could you also let me know what is available in terms of teaching materials, including textbooks and other written media, audio-visual and computer based materials for teaching a "Business Korean" course, and where I could find them? 

* Any advice, even if you have not necessarily had direct experience in teaching a "Business Korean" course in a formal setting? Potential students' comments and suggestions are most welcome.

I look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible.

Many thanks in advance,

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