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Joseph Lee jlee at bikf.org
Fri Dec 28 13:16:09 EST 2007

May I ask you to post the following announcement for President, Induk
Institute of Technology?

I am a board member of Induk Institute of Technology, a junior college
founded by my mother in 1972 on the same campus in Seoul where her mother
founded an agricultural boarding high school in 1963.  Among the very first
American Methodist educated women in Korea, she founded Induk mainly through
small donations from church and civic groups, earned from decades of
extensive lectures given throughout North America.  Today, with some 5,500
day and evening students, Induk Institute of Technology is among the best
and biggest junior colleges in Korea. (http://www.induk.ac.kr)  

Our founding story is unique; our mission admirable (providing practical,
technical education while imbuing (but not imposing) Christian values); and
our successes, with due modesty, outstanding.  Now, we are at the cusp of a
new era.  We seek an effective, knowledgeable, special leader with a passion
for putting "God First, Others Second, Myself Last" and the belief that
"With Hand and Head, Create Something Out of Nothing" is not only possible
but eminently attainable.  These are our school motto and spirit.  We seek a
president that can help perpetuate them.    

For details, please see
http://www.induk.ac.kr/bbs_01/read.asp?kind=1&webid=632  Applications are
being accepted through January 15, 2008.  

May I ask for your help in circulating this posting, to potential referral
sources as well as to potentially interested individuals?  Season's
greetings and best wishes for a wonderful 2008!


Joseph Joonghee Lee,
Berea in Korea Foundation
Direct: 1-301-718-7279
jlee at bikf.org

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