[KS] Muae vol. 1

kevin parks kevin at macosx.com
Wed Jul 11 04:40:19 EDT 2007

Does anyone know where, in Seoul, I could get my hands on a copy of  
Muae 1 (Kaya publishing, 1995)?

My well worn and much loved copy has taken a walk and gone to that 
parallel universe where cat toys, stray socks and guitar picks go 
(actually I think I lost it while on tour in Taiwan last month).

I desperately need to consult that portion of Muae 1 that contains the 
Yi Sang stories, essays and (especially) poems.

Alternately anyone know any other good translations of Yi Sang on the 
net or in other volumes? Though i would still need, specifically, Walter 
Lew's translations which appeared in Muae 1.


Kevin Parks
U. Va. etc. & co.

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