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Yana, in a message to the Korea Studies list oin November of 2001 someone asked the same question you asked. Mike Goodwin answered that "a quick search of the KS Discussion List archives" revealed "818 hits," some of which should be productive.
  I have a couple sources that may be of help: Excuse me if I don't use the conventional references list format:
  1. Kim-Renaude, Young-Key. 1993. "So>p'yo>nje: A Jpourney into the Korean Soul and Human Existence." Korea Journal, Winter 1993. pp. 112-117.
  2. Freda, James K. 1999. "Discourse on Han in Postcolonial Korea: Absent Suffering and Industrialist Dreams." Downloaded from the Web at http://social.chass.ncsu.edu/Jouvert/v3i12/freda.htm. (I just confirmed that it's still there.)
  Good luck in your research!

Yana Ivanova <iviana77 at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Hello, dear scholars, 
My name is Yanitsa Ivanova from Bulgaria, Sofia University. I am doing my PhD on the Korean han. I have read a lot about this topic in Korean but I can not find much information related with han on other languages. I read also English, Russian and French but any bibliography will be very helpful to my research. Thank you very much and I highly appreciate your help.
Yanitsa Ivanova. 

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