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The Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies would like to announce
the June 30, 2007, publication of the Seoul Journal of Korean
Studies, Volume 20, Number 1. Free copies may be requested
by sending an email with your address to seoul.journal at gmail.com
or by mail to: KIKS - Kyujanggak - Sillim-dong San 56-1, Kwanak-gu, Seoul.

This volume includes four articles from the field of Korean History:

-Boudewijn Walraven uses a variety of source materials to challenge
some of the common perceptions about Korean Buddhist history in "A Re-
Examination of the Social Basis of Buddhism in Late Chosŏn Korea."

-Pori Park's "A Korean Buddhist Response to Modernity: The Doctrinal
Underpining of Han Yongun's (1879–1944) Reformist Thought" offers
a detailed analysis of Manhae's complex doctrinal journey down a
modernist path within the complex space of colonial Korea.

-Andreas Mueller-Lee revisits the context through which a towering
figure of Chinese history was interpreted and utilized in Korea
centuries after his death in "The Sleeping Dragon in Korea: On the
Transmission of the Image of the Chinese Statesman Zhuge Liang."

-Finally, Anders Karlsson, in a work that evokes a certain resonance
with the jangma season, elicits an alternative perception of the
health and efficacy of the Chosŏn state apparatus in his article,
"Royal Compassion and Disaster Relief in Chosŏn Korea."

We would also like to issue our call for papers for Vol. 20, Number
2, to be published on December 31, 2007. Articles from all fields of
study are welcome, as long as their main focus is on Korea.

Electronic manuscripts should be sent to seoul.journal at gmail.com
in accordance with the submission guidelines found in the following pdf

Submissions are due by October 1, 2007.
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