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Kevin, I don't know about "currently accepted" Romanizations, but here's how I'd do them in McCune-Reischauer (M-R) and the ROK Ministry of Culture and Tourism (ROK) systems, indicating the voiwel marks with a following ^ as in Yo^n, and based on what I believe to be the modern pronunciations:
  M-R: Yo^nryeak          [Banquet Music]
  ROK: Yeonryeak
  M-R: Cheryeak           [Ritual Music]
  ROK: Jeryeak
  M-R: Hoeryeak           [aka: Hyang'ak, Tang'ak, Aak]
  ROK: Hoeryeak
  M-R: Kunryeak           [Martial Music]
  ROK: Gunrye-ak
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