[KS] Announcing the Korea Journal Blog!

Michael Hurt kuraeji at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 04:19:39 EDT 2007

It's been a long time coming, but finally here – the Korea Journal
announces its blog to the Korean Studies community and those
interested in a more academic take on Korean society, culture,
literature, and history in the interactive medium of the blog.

My name is Michael Hurt and I am a consulting editor for the
UNESCO-published Korea Journal, the oldest English-language academic
journal there is, having been in print since 1962. The Journal
published quarterly issues organized around a specific theme.

As most of you likely already know, we have covered everything from
Korean Buddhism to Korean cyberspace in our issues, and deal with
current events, traditional fare, as well as assorted miscellaneous
topics. If you don't know about us, you should check out some of the

We are a new blog, and really look forward to developing an active
community of people with Korean concerns. Since we have the academic
background, resources, and institutional history, we thought it the
perfect time to finally join the blogging community and offer
ourselves as a resource for your debates, discussions, and
deliberation about things Korean.

So come on over to the blog, register to leave comments, and join our
growing community of Korean Studies scholars!


See you there!

Michael Hurt
Consulting Editor
Korea Journal

"Criticism, in short, is more than a right; it is an act of patriotism
– a higher form of patriotism, I believe, than the familiar rituals and
national adulation."

                                       - J. William Fulbright

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