[KS] Help me if you are studying the Korean language.

Hye-Young Jung heiti at hotmail.com
Sun May 6 11:35:15 EDT 2007

Hello. My name is Hyeyoung Jung. 
I'm a student of Kyunghee Graduate School, majoring in Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language. 
I want to conduct a survey for my thesis.
This survey is designed to find out the actual conditions and needs for self-studying 
learners of the Korean language. The result of this survey will be used only for my 
However, I'll try my best to support those needs and I want the result to be 
reflected somehow to make things better for learners of the Korean language.
If you are interested in helping this to happen or just want to help me, please spare 
 about 5 minutes and take part in the survey. It's done online, you just need several 
clicks on your choices and possibly, short answers or comments.
This is the link of the survey.  http://www.wsurvey.net/survey/issv5_ws/iss_answer_survey.php?id=hyeng&no=1
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. 
Hyeyoung Jung
heiti at hotmail.com - MSN, Skype ID
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