[KS] Korean Studies in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere

Mark Peterson markpeterson at byu.edu
Thu Nov 15 10:53:16 EST 2007


Check the website for AATK.  On the masthead there is a section  
labels "schools teaching Korean" -- click on that and all your  
questions are answered.  Well, for the U.S.   AATK stands for  
American Association for Teachers of Korean.   http://www.aatk.org

You might also check the IAKLE website -- International Association  
for Korean Language Educators -- www.iakle.com -- I don't see a list  
of schools, but it might be there.


On Nov 15, 2007, at 8:07 AM, James B. Lewis wrote:

> Does anyone have or know of a list of universities that offer  
> Korean language programmes?
> Frank used to have this as a link, but it's gone dead.
> Yours,
> Jay Lewis

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