[KS] SOAS Centre of Korean Studies - Seminar series for the autumn term

Owen Miller owen at saudade.plus.com
Wed Oct 31 05:39:04 EDT 2007

Dear All,

The SOAS Centre of Korean Studies is pleased to announce its programme
of seminars for the autumn term. Please feel free to attend if you are
in or around London over the next few weeks.

Best wishes,
Owen Miller
SOAS Centre of Korean Studies


Friday 2 November, 5pm, room G52
Akira Utsugi, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Edinburgh
"Tone and intonation in Seoul and Gyeongsang Korean"

Friday 16 November, 5pm, room G52
Janet Poole, Visiting Scholar, Centre of Korean Studies, SOAS
"Unruly Detail: Writing, Photography and Crisis in Late Colonial Korea"

Friday 23 November, 5pm, room G52
Joerg Plassen, Assistant Professor of Korean Studies, Ruhr-Universität
"Literati Sŏn and Buddhist Neo-Confucianism: Hybrid tendencies in the
intellectual life of the Early Chosŏn period, focusing on Kim Sisûp
alias Sôlcham"

Friday 30 November, 5pm, room G52
Carl Saxer, Associate Professor, Asia Research Centre, Copenhagen
Business School
“Globalization and Inequality in South Korea (with additional reference
to the consequences of globalization for Korean Studies)”

Wednesday 5 December, 5pm, room tbc
Leonid Petrov, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian
National University
"North Korea: a Regional Troublemaker or a Land of Opportunities?" (with
observations from his recent visit to the DPRK)

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