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Sunjoo Kim sunjookim1 at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 16 12:14:03 EDT 2007

Dear Mike,
The Korea Democracy Foundation (Minjuhwa undong kinyOm saOphoe), can be very 
helpful. I believe the foundation has published a number of books containing 
"primary sources" on the 80s democratic / labor movements in English. Its 
webpage (both in Korean and English) is useful, but feel free to contact:

Youngjun Eun
Memorial Hall Project
The Korea Democracy Foundation
email : yjeun at kdemo.or.kr

Website : http://www.kdemocracy.or.kr/english/introduce.htm

Sun Joo Kim

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Subject: [KS] a request
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Dear Korean Studies List:

I have a colleague who is working on a book for Bedford-St. Martins in a 
Series of Documentary Histories.  This volume is entitled "The World in 
1989".  it is focusing on Fall of the Wall era democracy movements. he is a 
specialist in Eastern Europe, but he would like to include some Asia.  He 
has asked me for translations of documents related to the ROK democracy 
movement from 1980s......these could include student manifestos, 
broadsheets, labor pronouncements, Official ROK statements, Minjung 
documents......Does anyone have ideas about translations of such documents 
already in existance.....or are there people working on this who might like 
to provide such material for inclusion in this book?  Without a response, he 
will move on to the Philippines (he should do both, but is limited in 

Thanks for your consideration.

Mike robinson

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