[KS] Korean Art market during the colonial period?

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Fri Sep 21 10:36:21 EDT 2007

Hello All:

I would like to ask for assistance. Also, since list messages are 
indexed by Google and accessible via the Web -- anyone who might read 
this some time later within this century, please reply if you have 
any info any time later. I will still be interested.

Art Market and Collecting in Korea during the Colonial Period (1910-1945)
If anyone has coincidentally come across any article, book, 
conference paper or other material -- in any language -- about the 
art market in Korea during the colonial period, please let me know, 
or post here to the list. I have looked for such information since 
two decades and have found very little, although I have an 'idea' of 
how things worked. As life goes, you may just have come across such 
information while working in some other area on some other project, 
other than art, or may have seen something in some old Japanese 
journal. I haven't really seen any scholar or art journalist in Korea 
touching this topic in a meaningful way but think that it is a very 
important one. There are a few more writings about art related 
institutions nowadays, yet, the actual workings of collecting and art 
market during that period are not being dealt with. Also, if someone 
knows about such sources or secondary works as regards to colonial 
Taiwan I'd also be very interested.

Thank you!

Frank Hoffmann

Frank Hoffmann
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