[KS] A musical query and a notice

kevin parks kevin at macosx.com
Wed Apr 16 01:59:23 EDT 2008


Can you be a bit more specific than that? What region? What ritual? Do 
they have to be field recordings? Do they need to be complete rituals? 
There are many many many rituals, and the differences are pretty 
dramatic region to region. If you tell us more about what you are 
looking for and why maybe we can help. Even if it turns out that your 
query is general.... and for that I would say, check what is available 
commercially and then if you want to go hard core, check the library at 
the National Center for Korea Traditional Performing Arts. They produce 
a series of multi CD sets that have lots of documentation and 
mindbogglingly long transcriptions. They are not available for sale and 
I covet them and secretly posses a couple of them. If you want to get a 
sense of just how different the musics and practices and belief of each 
region are I would point you to Lee Yong-shik's excellent Shaman Ritual 
Music in Korea (Korean Studies Dissertation Series No. 5) Jimoondang 
ISBN 89-88095-80-4 as a starting point.

Kevin Parks
University of Virginia

Michael Duffy wrote:
> First, the query: can anyone tell me where I might find (in Korea) 
> field recordings of shamanist music?

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